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a ramble on how fictional characters r real to me (tw mention of proship)

i know this title of this blog is weird. thats because it is.

hi, im chip. im 13 and i've lived in the internet and in my head all my life. and i talk to characters in my head all the time. 

i know this is crazy. it's always been crazy, to be honest. i've been seen as mentally unwell for years. but this is probably the only way i can express this.

i talk to characters i make, or characters other people have made, in my head. i speak with them. i love them and they love me. i have fantasies of living in my head. living somewhere else. being actually happy. 

maybe this is why im uncomfortable with proshipping. maybe this is why im so deep into a rabbit hole. maybe this is why i cant separate fiction from reality. this sucks. i wish my characters were real. they are real, to me at least. i wish they had a body on earth. but they don't. and thats okay but it also hurts. a lot of my friends are in my head and cant get out so im stuck on my computer and ipad all the time. 

sorry. im really sorry. i shouldnt be saying this but i have to get it out here. what am i even sorry for? expressing myself and my characters feelings? is this really that bad?

im gonna rest.

chip out

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