My mom doesn't allow me to go to art school


I wanted to go to art school ever since I was in 7th grade and yesterday I took my art exam for high school. This was my 2nd time since I failed the first but I actually passed this time which I was very happy for but my mom don't want me to go to art school, but my dad is fine with it but the school I'm going to right now has computer classes (you may think it's cool but we have these exams that are high school version of SAT and I failed it which means my school is a low-level high school) I want to be a animator and my mom says that I can just go to courses and then go to a art school from there but no I want to go to art school that are at the top and that won't happen with some weekend classes. I really wanna do but I know my mom is angry. (all of this was just a vent)

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HI! I'm an animation student in University! Getting a degree in animation is CRUCIAL to a job in animation, you will not be taken on for a job if you don't have experience backed by education. Many parents underestimate the market for digital art and animation, try to show her statistics for demand in jobs in that sort of sector as in comparison to other jobs in traditional art. Animators don't actually make a lot of money, however there IS DEMAND. And you can secure a job with the right qualifications. She just has a lack of knowledge on the subject, where many parents underestimate art related jobs in particular.

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