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about me =p

my name is Asher, I am 17 years old:p 

I have a wonderful girlfriend who is the love of my life and my other half and we have been dating for almost a year and a half now<3

I am very into theatre, I plan on pursuing it past my high school career! 

I am into a lot of music, I have it on my profile, and I am very open to music recs! ^_^

I also watch a lot of shows like the walking dead and shameless xD I also watch bojack horseman (cringeeee), miraculous ladybug (cringeeeee), new girl, total drama island, etcetc. I enjoy show and movie recs too!!!!!

I like to play games like fortnite and call of duty but im not very good at all :p I also play games like stardew valley, minecraft, and fnaf :3 my fav games of all are sally face, fran bow, and the walking dead video game!!!!!^_^ 

I think thats all I have for now, if I think of anything else or something changes I will update=p

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