old software revivals and private servers i like

old software is like one of my fav things ever xD. i like using old stuff a lot, so i should probably show some stuff.

here's one that i keep talking about:

NINA and Escargot, which revive IM clients like msn and aol, so you can finally go back to changing your font color and annoying the frick out of ur contacts with winks LMAO. also the unpatched installer for escargot wlm 2009 is just the regular windows live installer, so you can use that to get windows live mail, movie maker, and all that crap xD just remember to install patched client first because that'd make patching windows live messenger easier

this website could count as an old software revival cause it's basically myspace 2 lol

warmane revives world of warcraft classic, which i know blizzard has alredy done but just fricking use warmane it's free unlike blizzard's server. [i've mentioned this in a previous blog post]

europebattle revives Warcraft 3 [not reforged], Starcraft [not remastered], and Diablo 2 [not ressurected, why is there so many remakes]

C2Jam is one i haven't used yet but it revives o2jam

webtv redialed is one i've failed to set up but it revives webtv.

there's a lot more i could speak about but my knowledge of private servers ends at that XD. send your favourites in the comments, cant wait to see them

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