Favorite Outfit to Campus :3

I <3 Dressing Up, Here Is One of my Favorite Fits From Lately! 


⋆♱✮♱⋆ ⋆♱✮♱⋆ ⋆♱✮♱⋆ ⋆♱✮♱⋆ 

Theme: Crosses, Lace, Black and White, and Ribbons <3

Cross clip is from a vendor I got from a spooky market in my city, the cross necklace is from Depop, the dress is also from D0LL$KILL (sorry i couldnt find anything else like it elsewhere, i fell in love) ;-;

I also paired this look with white tights with black bows on it. The tights are from SugarAndVapor:) 

I FELT SO CUTE i will 100000% repeat this outfit again. 

Thats all, thxxxx <3

-Alina xoxo

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you look great! the accessories are really nice :) Dolls Kill is such a cool site.

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Thank you so much! xoxo

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