I'm feeling a little shit. I trust no one will read this, who would take the time to read nonsense like this?

Is rare. I feel lost, disoriented, alone and I feel like I'm wasting my life, in a way I'm getting used to it, it's been like this since I started school in person and it's very screwed up. But I don't care much, it catches my attention because of how good it feels and this is when I wonder; Why does sadness make me feel so good? Aren't you supposed to feel horrible and wish it would stop? I feel shit, yes, but feeling shit makes me feel so good. I am very confused, and this also makes me wonder the next; What am I doing wrong? I have encountered this so many times that for me it is an indication that I am going to feel or experience something that will make me remember that I am still alive. It's complicated to explain. But it's so real.


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