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names nick, but u can call me cowcow as well. is just like a lil nickname i use lol. im a male, autistic, unlabeled, grey-aroace, 182 yr old dhampir. im also a metalhead and overall music nerd... is my whole life :happy: i am colombian n costa rican but dont rlly speak spanish that well, im still learnin !! help is very much appreciated

ik some mfs r gonna think "haha omg nick u like the jonas brothers and shawn mendes yet still call urself a metalhead n stuff??" BUT JUST LISTEN OK?! i cannot control my fixations, impossible to do! theyr just my fixations so lik PLEASE DONT MAKE FUN OF ME FOR THEM, LET ME LOVE MY BASIC WHITE BOYS IN PEACE


- hardcore punk

- black metal

- dance-pop

- west coast rap

- robert F kennedy

- papa's gamerias (my fav one is scooperia)

- 60 seconds reatomized

- pokemon (FAV IS POLIWRATH <33333 MY BABY)


- roleplayin

i rlly rlly love makin friends here sooooo feel free to add me cause thers a high chance i might accept lolol

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