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sparkstember 2023 day 25


wow. i mean. just wow! just an overall pleasant album to listen to. makes me happy sparks is a thing :)) all of it, the instrumentation, the vocals, the lyrics, it's all so eloquent and beautifully put together. i love itttttttt honestly this deserves to be one of the most well received sparks albums!!! it's amazing... i love how sparks proves time and time again the longevity of the band... i love silly sparks songs!!!!!!!! ron mael is the funniest man alive!! grrrrrrr i love sparks.

faves: edith piaf (said it better than me) (FRENCH FRENCH FRENCH FRENCH FRENCH FRENCH!!! can we get a me slobbering over french tally going or something, i need the ratios), so mrs. lincoln aside from that how was the play? (hehehehehehehehehe it's so silly and also the melody ROCKS), missionary position (ron mael talking autistically of sex once again), scandinavian design (reminds me of both tentpole shangrila (djo) and norwegian wood (the beatles) for obvious reasons, also it's just so freaking chill grrargh), giddy giddy (sounds like he's saying kitty kitty), bummer (grrr the radio-ified "bummer" rawr!!!!), i wish you were fun (me thinking about neurotypical people), a little bit like fun (un peu... i love the melody it makes me feel), the amazing mr. repeat (once more again oh no), when you're a french director (sparks later goes on to make a feature film with a french director... foreshadowing), unaware (snot pouring out of my nose), probably nothing (so... chill... i love), hippopotamus (so goofy!!!! ra!!!), life with the macbeths (i did macbeth once, it was only the one act version) !!! so!!! very slay i eat it up!!!!!!!

there really is a hippopotamus in his pool, and i love that. yk very rarely do we see such covers, where they take literal lyrics from the song and make them physical... or maybe it's not rarely and i'm just an idiot. i don't care. i love the saturation, and the focus on the hippo while the brothers in the back aren't the focus (after so many covers of them being the only people on there)... ron's pink suit (gets a nose bleed). grandma russell is there too, about to sit on the swing. i love how ron really always does wear such formal things, it's just like yes!!! he didn't lie!!!!!!! woo!!

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russ 🤵👰‍♂️✨

russ 🤵👰‍♂️✨'s profile picture

so true sparks are soooo silly. goofy album for sure that's what they do best

ron's pink suit is everything. he slayed he served he conquered. kant. love russ in the bathrobe too i'm wearing a bathrobe right now as i type this but RON PINK SUIT SJKASFKJFDKJDKDASJDFJH [actually blows up]

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ron mael autism sex ... yeagh ...

by russ 🤵👰‍♂️✨; ; Report

ron pink suit!!!!!! so kant!!! so autism sex!!!!

by georgie ☆; ; Report

i love autism sex.

by russ 🤵👰‍♂️✨; ; Report

autism sex... when i'm with you just pretend i'm sherlock holmes...

by georgie ☆; ; Report


by russ 🤵👰‍♂️✨; ; Report

when i'm with you is uscoded as mutuals without the line about being hot and bothered or whatever

by russ 🤵👰‍♂️✨; ; Report

i always need a shower when i'm with you

by georgie ☆; ; Report


by russ 🤵👰‍♂️✨; ; Report