omg sh e has a crush on this other guy sad faced emoji anyways she came to my birthday party the other day and my dad said he thinks she's into me but I think that a) father does not understand young lesbian romance and b) he was probably just trying to make me feel better but anyways like I've already started getting her stuff together for her birthday giggling emoji I'm so excited. we sit together and study together like every day and she's so cute and amazing LOLLLL anyways so we have mutual hate for ppl (my fav way to bond icl) like her weird ex that I hate for reasons other than he's her ex, trust, and my weird af sister and this girl we used to be friends with that is like spreading rumors and shit like we're in high school (grow up god bless) so we were walking past them to leave to get food and loud asf I was like "omg look it's your bestie!!" LMFAO shes so silly omg icl it was worth it to see her silly little smile ughhhh anyways I've been listening to lacy by Olivia Rodrigo on repeat bc it reminds me of her so much :33333

ev dawg out

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