i hate my nose

(before anybody comes at me i just wanna say this is personal self hatred, not to the general public.) 

i hate my nose . I have a straight, long nose .  No bumps or bridges , its just a long narrow nose and i do not like it at all .  for the past week i’ve been taking care of myself and losing weight in hopes of being more handsome or attractive and i cannot seem to change the look of my nose , and in my country the minimum age is 16 for rhinoplasty —i can’t wait so long it’s too much , and despite this nose being classified as one of the handsome noses for men ; i wanna look good for myself . I would like to be satisfied with my appearance , too , not just for public . it’s hard to live when you are not happy with the way you are, and unfortunately this is how it’s been for a long time for me . if i cannot accept my physique now , i will not accept it later most likely . 

anyways ,  ily all .  peace

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