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"Don't Hug Me I'm Scared" day

Since this is a personal blog, I will tell a very crazy story that happened to me today in the first period of class.

The fact is that we were just taking class and the teacher mentioned something about zeros and ones, what a binary code, and for some reason I remembered the computer song from Don't Hug Me I'm Scared, I don't remember what. episode was but it wasn't that computer, so we were just there paying attention when suddenly one of those nocturnal moths appears that simply got into the living room and went to one of the lamps.

After that, we continued taking class and in that moment the moth comes down from the lamp and stays on the floor, then I can only hear the teacher say "I don't want to kill you but you're going to distract me" we thought she was going to take it out or just kick away


It was also inevitable to remember the episode of the chicken picnic where in the end the duck crushes the butterfly, in itself that butterfly was bad, but the little dove in my living room had not done anything: 'it just placed itself on the floor to rest:'

After what happened I no longer wanted to pay attention to the teacher because of how uncomfortable that moment had been.

To finish, time slowed down horribly, I already wanted to get out of that class because of what I experienced but time just became slower and slower and then I remembered the clock that also sings to them about time and like that and aaaaaaa I almost I go crazy in that last hour of class

And as icing on the cake, my portfolio asked me what my favorite idea was 0_0

And that's why it occurred to me to make this drawing, a little boy being tormented by those things while demanding a smile. When I figure out how to upload photos here I will show it :'

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how fucking scary D:

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