yaoi is NOT as bad as people say it is

CLLLEEEAAARLLLYY you guys havent found a good yaoi,,,, same thing goes for yuri bc you guys make it seem like SUCH a big deal. its literally fiction and it doesnt affect anyone at all. if you dont like it IGNORE IT it literally isnt difficult,, it isnt fetishy unless you make it, and thats what u guys are doing. i geniunely dont know how u guys get so mad over this because its the same thing as guys liking girl on girl action which is pretty normalized.

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THIS IS SO REAL!!!!! ✧\(>o<)ノ✧

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Realmente no lo odio, pero creo que hizo que la gente (especialmente las mujeres) sexu4lise las relaciones homosexuales. En la mayoría de esos mangas, los dos chicos tienen sx en casi todos los capítulos.

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tbh i don't hate yaoi, its just uncomfortable when people, especially women are over obsessed with it, but yaoi itself isn't even bad depending on how it's written

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this is what i mean,, its only creepy if its overly exaggerated ;like the twink submissive and the big muscular beefy dominant man

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There's nothing wrong with yaoi on it's own. It's when you have an unhealthy obsession and only seem to enjoy yaoi in particular especially over other types of relationships. That's when it's fet1shising. It's just the difference between being a casual enjoyer, liking it because it's cute, and reading way too many, liking it specifically because its a gay relationship.
I think a lot of people take the phrase 'I like yaoi' out of context and immediately assume its fet1shising are over-exaggerating.

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