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unexpected pairing

Very excited for the near future. For anyone who is curious I work seasonally (usually summer and winter) and bum around when I'm unemployed. I'm so fucking pumped for this winter bc I made a friend that actually wants to be homies and bum around for a while together. Seasonal work is very weird bc you get a job, get to the job and meet the people you will see everyday, all day for a few months, become best friends with your coworkers who are also your roommates then leave and never have a deep conversation with them again. Its easy to comment on their posts when you see it and check in randomly but its not the same :(

This winter me and Cadabs are going to be bumming around during our off season and im so fucking pumped. usually I bum around alone bc people never fucking talk about their off season plans. Cadabs is the assistant manager where I work so our friendship is weird sometimes but I'm excited to get to know her completely outside of work and sleep in the woods. 

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