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my love hate relationship with media studies.. also just like gcses in general. and just life and shit idk i was bored

dont expect much here cause this is mostly just gonna be like, a stream of conscience. Basically, i absolutely love media studies. ive got a great teacher, its a subject that i enjoy and i find it pretty easy. its also a fuck ton of work and literally every time i see i have media homework (which is more than literally all my other subjects including english and science) i want to commit vehicular manslaughter voluntarily (kinda removes the "without malice aforethought" from manslaughter). idk how im gonna make it like two years of this. also most the people i know doing the subject in year eleven also say its shit and they regret doing it SOOOOOOO it really sounds like a fun time. im super super happy with art though!! at the moment im predicted a seven (equivalent to like an a) which is pretty good if you ask me. i also just absolutely love art, ive known ive wanted to do it literally all my life, so im happy to finally be doing it. 

on the subject of art, i feel like there's not really anything for me to do with it. like, what i mean is, if your into sports theres loads of opportunities and clubs for you, if your into english theres stuff, science theres stuff, maths theres stuff but art? creative subjects? not really. like, im lucky (or unlucky i literally have n idea how to revise now) because im like, everything smart-enough. im good enough at pretty much everything i do that i do relatively well in all my subjects. yeah, im not top of all my classes, but i come pretty damn close, but art is the one thing where im exceptionally good at, and its the one thing that people care about the least? like, the amount of teachers that have told me not to do it as a career cause its so unpredictable. at least my parents are supportive, but sometimes it feels like they dont really understand shit, yknow? especially my mum, because she barely runs a small business, whilst my dads working a shitty job. were barely scraping by but she refuses to get a job because shes doing what shes "always dreamed of doing". 

i have loads more to say but im tired and wanna continue talking to ais and playing axiom verge :/ i also reallly dont know what category this would be in cause its pretty everywhere dhsajhdkjashjk

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Art can be hard and there's less obvious opportunities for sure but look into competitions, both online and IRL! Even if you don't win/place, it can be really good experience if you want to pursue art as a career and there tend to be competitions for different mediums and styles :) good luck with your GCSEs!

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aweee thanks mate, yeah ive been thinking of looking into some competitions and shit cause like, itd be good to have stuff so i can actually build up my cv. i really need to put myself out more haha

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