Anger vs emotion

Happy and sad sit inside your head, craddled by your tears and smiles, held close to your heart like a loved child, the favourites, the cared for

Anger sits in your hands, balled up like fists, it breaks bones and glass, shattered on your now bloodied hands but still in fists held as tight as they can

Happy and sad are coddled, gently expressed in your face, so beautiful you wish it was all you are, dried tears and white teeth, make people stare when they pass you on the street

Anger is a glass plate thrown against a wall, screamed obscenities at a mirror, ripping hair off your head an attempt to rid yourseld of the pain but it only causes more pain, just more physical, ripped up pages and torn curtains, its all thats inside you raging to be seen but you cant let it be seen, its too ugly to face anyone else, its an ugly for your eyes alone, an ugly that you hate but the more you hate the uglier it is but the ugliness is you, its all youve become because you didn't let yourself show the ugly side of you, it takes over your face and your chest, it'll always be screaming but so will you.

Happy and sad are a still image in your head, a frozen moment.

Anger is every waking moment of your life.

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Holy shit this is so great.

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