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this is a poem based on the quote "non dolet, paeta". i read it yesterday and it broke my soul. i feel like all of us have been in arria's shoes at some point, when you love someone so fiercely that you would put yourself in harm's way to ease their mind. you would sacrifice your wellbeing for them. so this is the product of that. enjoy. - sd.

it is not painful.

it is not painful.

i would drag this dagger

through my chest,

before i would let it graze your cheek.

it is not painful,

but the way my heart thrums for you

cuts deeper than any blade.

the painful pulse of this

petulant organ in my rib cage

pains me harder than any

wound could sting.

it is not painful.

if you take not my words,

take the blood on my hands.

it is not painful, paetus.

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