layout coding

can someone please teach me the utmost basics of coding so i can make my own layouts and music links!!!!

new friends are also appreciated too!!!!! :) ;) :P :D XD ;P ;D  XP X)

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hey! you'll probably want to look up HTML and CSS specifically, w3schools has some good resources to get started with!!
for spacehey layouts in particular, you might find it useful to look at existing layouts to get an idea of how they're structured ^_^

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the last time i did that, my brain nearly exploded into a million pieces

by Saige Baker; ; Report

YEAH, I can't say it necessarily gets any easier but as you get more familiar with the coding languages, your brain will explode less P:

by blaise; ; Report

I can't add you as a friend. How come?

by Saige Baker; ; Report

I'm not sure 0: I'll send you a FR and hopefully that'll work!

by blaise; ; Report