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intro + disclaimers :3

hai im hal or juno! ^__^ welcome to my blog enjoy ur stay <3

the info on here is likely the most i will share openly :p learn my lore over time like everyone else or get in line

sorry for farty rocking:

☆ i dont usually friend/accept people with super webstrain-y pages. this isnt because i dont like u i just have trouble reading them LMAO

☆ if u misuse the terms 'delulu' or 'intrusive thoughts' or r otherwise weird about people w 'Weird Mental Illnesses' i will krill u . sincerely, Mr Mental Illness . additionally i dont care about sys discourse or anything similar 2 it and most likely never will <3 amen

☆ if u are 14 or younger i will probably not add u. i may not be that much older but i implore younger users to stay safe, Especially on websites like this. as always be cautious practice internet safety etc etc

general disclaimers:

☆ i dont give 2 shits about proship/anti discourse bc i think everyone should engage w all media critically and thoughtfully or not engage at all . not saying this 2 be mean i just genuinely could not care less as long as ur not a pedo or otherwise gross 2 other people

☆ i use the term 'transsexual' as well as the f slur. i can reclaim both but if thats something that bothers u maybe dont interact 4 ur own sake

☆ i am a system and therefore if we seem very different at different points please dont be alarmed! i am not mad theres just guys up in here. on that point: please dont ask whos fronting unless we're close 👍

☆ i might send multiple friend requests and if i do: i apologize! i have a terrible memory and assume i just didnt send one b4 so feel free to block me if this happens im not trying to be weird !

anyhow! thats all :-) if ur around my age or alt or a fellow system feel free 2 hmu!! always looking forward 2 meeting new folks , esp ones w similar interests ^__^

peace + love <333

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