I often look to the stars of the great beyond as they pass by the car window, the nagging thoughts of other worlds will keep me awake as I lay in bed to rest. I want to ponder everything, I want to endlessly consume the world through my thoughts and eyes until I understand it all in it's Cold, harsh entirety. my wish is to rip apart the essence of being itself, a task that my corporeal hands unfortunately cannot carry out. to touch existence, to find the very idea of Answer itself and capture it, to effortlessly know.

I don't just want to know, I want to understand, to comprehend. my mind stunts me from pursuing this goal, a Ravenous hunger for knowledge unended Stopped by equally consuming fear and uncertainty. my insatiable need to know upheaved as my eyes are pricked by the sting of knowing I am a failure, that it will never be enough. for if you cannot know All what's the point of attempting to know anything?

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