The unknowable fool

retreat into yourself and find comfort in the thought that you are small, unimportant, and above all a fool. no one has expectations of a fool, no one has need for a fool, No one thinks a fool capable of anything above superficial thought... but that's what you wanted, right? to be unknowable? If no one expects then no one can be let down, If no one needs then they cannot be upset when you cannot provide, if no one sees past the outer shell then You are safe from their gaze and the horror of them realizing that you are Insufficient to be known.

you wish to know all, to embrace all, But when change Comes You simply shrivel and mourn the world it destroyed in it's wake. You Scramble to pick up the broken pieces, the sharp shards of the world Nicking your hands. you Sob To yourself, the tears a reminder that you have failed once again.

You cry silently in hopes that no one will hear.

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