Creature dreams

the feeling of dread, of something that can only be described as Rock hard bile forcing it's way up your throat. your skin feels like white hot static as you hold my jaw, look into my hollow skull and see that I am numb. the space of my mind is cold, left vacant Save for echoes of old thoughts and long decayed dreams of you. you recoil in disgust at the Decrepit ruins of my inner world, Dropping my skull with a sickening crack as I go every which way, shards morphing into creatures only comprehendible to the unconscious mind lost In their making.

there was once a point where you could look at me. a time when the rose colored shades you wore could shelter you from my Sorry state, go about your day as my bones yellowed and dust collected atop my ribcage. finally, here and now you see me as I am, finally listening, aware of the deafening silence.

What do you have to say for yourself now?

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Andrew Valentine

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i love your words such beautiful writing, the feeling of hoping that maybe they will break from the endless silence that is in place of us, and what could've been, is one that is rampant in my head.

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Thank you, I really appreciate that yout like my writing!

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