Foods I don’t like

Okay this is more just a rant than anything so yeah

Call me basic and picky but I HATE mushrooms, it’s not even the flavor I don’t like, i actually really like how they taste it’s just the texture of them makes me want to projectile vomit all over. 

Another food i really don’t like is olives, they’re too salty and bitter, i like pickles and stuff but olives are just ewew

I dont like some cooked fish just cuz it’s so grainy, i like some fish but certain fish makes me want to die inside

Shrimp. I hate shrimp. They taste so good but the texture i can feel in my bones it’s so bad I want to claw out my eyes whenever I eat it

Fried eggs whites are so horrible they eeeee

Anyways that’s it really I’m not picky ill eat pretty much anything besides these foods!!

i love broccoli with sauce on it that is cooked but not mushy, it’s so good

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