Hii, It meeee c:聽

I got new clips for my hair & i feel so scene, i love it. <3 love the stripessssss

Currently I have chunky聽highlights, and I dyed my hair firetruck red the other day with good dye young's colors. I used a mix of the colors Riot and Rock Lobster for that red-orange look. Using Rock Lobster by itself made my hair fade to pink so quick xc.聽

I haaaattteeeed it!!! >:(

But once I found out the pink undertones can be mixed with yellow/orange, it wont be as pink. soooo yay c:

I love Good Dye Young, one part because hayley williams had a part in making it, and the other is because it smells SO good &&&lasts so long c: I recommend!

thats all <3 kk gniiiight.聽

-Alina聽饟啯鈾别搯 xo

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