him </3

I saw him walk out of one room to the end of another. nothing in particular caught my eye. I just noticed him. 

then I noticed him again, 

and again,

and again. 

i never saw his face, only his back. At first i felt like i fell in love with his solitude. I never saw him with anyone, he always walked with his shoulders forward and his eyes on where he was headed. I’ve always wanted to be content with being alone so seeing him just lightly make his way around lines of cubicles caught my eye. He seemed like a light hearted person, the type to wear their heart on their sleeve. Then I saw them. His eyes i mean. I felt like the air got sucked right out of my lungs and my heart stopped. They were like watching a meteor-shower while sitting on a dock in the middle of the night. I could practically hear the ripples in the water and the crickets in the grass. 

I could feel my lungs fill with air again but my eyes were glued on him. It was like he carried two small stars on each side of his nose. I felt in that moment like I could stare at them forever. I honestly have no interest in knowing who he is, i just want to sit across from him to have a closer look into his eyes. I finally got my chance the other day. All by accident too. Then the stars grew. His eyes weren’t the only things I saw anymore. It was his neat beard, wide smile, and slim hands. It was the way that I finally got to stand just a few feet away from the large orbs he carried. I tried making eye contact but failed from how comforting his gaze was. I could feel every cell in my body asking me to just steal one more glance before I left but I needed the air in my lungs to stay just a little while longer or I would lose consciousness. 

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