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MORE About me!


okay so, my names are Bell..and erm..yeah

pronouns are He/Him/They/Them/Theirs, I don't care just use those pls :3

I'm cisgender, meaning I'm the gender I was assigned at birth (AMAB <--Assigned Male at Birth)

i'm gay (MLM), men are my jam!

i enjoy a lot of things like games, listening to music and roleplaying.

I mostly play roblox or overwatch in my freetime


sometimes i have a hard time explaining things so if u have a question abt something that isnt on my profile u can ask :3

i like collecting bracelets and sanrio. I really like stuffed animals (I have over 350 of them) and i want to grow my collection 😈

im not rlly sensitive to anything except irl touching without asking and stuff. like don't be weird pls!!

i have a wide range of a music taste, heres the link to my playlist

i dont like bugs, they creep me out, even flys and nats and small stuff like that

im erm mixed..(white, japanese, and hawaiian :3)
i look mostly white though πŸ˜”πŸ˜”

I say things like erm a lot, and i use ... a lot. and things like :3.

I like to spread peace and love, there isn't much in this world anymore :c
also a FUNKY MONKEY FRIDAY celebrator
Funky monkey friday is a thing where on friday its funky monkey friday, you be funky and celebrate with feasting and peace and love :D

let me know not to call u pookie if ur not comfy with it, i call mostly everyone itΒ 

idk what esle to add so bye bye 😜😜

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