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9/23/23 - 9/24/23

hello world! 

double postin again, got a little too sleepy. 

as for yesterday- it was super super good! was able to help my older lady friend with some work (we had an entire BUCKET of dust from sweeping. i can’t even explain. it’s nuts.) and had some good convos, loved on the horses, met some people, etc. however, we’ve switched back to morning turnout. no more sleeping in for me @_@

had lunch with the barn folks as well - asked for no tomato on my burger (she asked what i liked on it first !) but she forgot and gave me tomato on my burger. totally didn’t sneak it into my pocket and walk around with it for an hour. couldn’t be me. 

p.s. i’m autistic. if i could’ve eaten the tomato without triggering my gag reflex, projectile vomiting, and having the tomato texture on my tongue for the next three days i would’ve. wasn’t an option. don’t worry she didn’t see me. i’ve practiced. 

gonna talk some more about the evening as it has to do with college stuff at the end of the blog! separate report than the day-to-day stuff :p

as for TODAY.. was good! i wanted to sleep in but of course, i was up at 7. other than that i did some gross college research, and washed my car. was gonna do the dishes too but i’m suffering this rare disease called tummy ache. my tummy hurty a bit a little .. sometimes :(

as for nowww- reworked my profile a bit! i’m watching some albert now as i do usually. i also got to level 7 on obby but you’re a bird :0 (roblox) 

as for college stuff: all these people at the barn think i’m like hellbent, permanently decided that i want to be an equine vet but i’m really not sure. the more i think about it the more i pull away from it. maybe i’ll blog about that indecision later. i’m trying to decide between equine vet work and computer science. i think i’ve said that already maybe? who knows: not me. 

tomorrow i have an eye appointment! at 8:30am ew. i’ve always had really good eyes and my parents have always neglected to make me appointments for my eyes (as well as my teeth) so i finally gave in and got one scheduled. my brain wants me to be anxious and freak out about it but i know it’s really not a big deal and i’ve done it before (twice in my life, 9 and 5 years ago) and i’ll survive. i just HATE eye drops! i don’t want them things dialated! i don’t even remember the air puff being that bad. i love looking at fun pictures so. it’ll be fine and dandy. 

also heading up to lake erie tomorrow, literally just driving there and back to pick something up for my grandpa. nuts. the lake is gross to me but i do love the atmosphere this time of year and if i’m lucky i’ll get a nice walk in before i have to leave! also LOVE LOVE LOVE driving so im super excited for that. actually i hope my eyes are done being dialated by then erm.. can i drive with dialated eyes???

p.s.s i wanna make a blog about my relationship with religion and my thoughts on it now - specifically christianity! 

p.s.s.s i’m thinking about making this solely my personal blog/profile and then making another for my kandi. so i can have it scene themed and all. i love love love my kandi and making it so i think it would be a neat project to start :3 … lemme know ur thoughts if anyone’s out there reading this!!! 

much love, franklin

p.s.s.s.s i don’t know how to spell dialated

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totally forgot to even explain about the college stuff at the barn but yeah. basically they’re positive i want to be a vet and i’m just not sure. one of the ladies gave me her daughter’s phone number who’s going to a local college (in her undergrad junior year) for the same thing - equine vet medicine - but i feel bad wasting her time if im unsure. she works 3 jobs as well as attending college at a competitive school. i know the best thing i can do is shadow people and keep my options open but still. eugh! also- reminder for me to get something set up with juan for shadowing in software engineering and IT programs.

much love again,

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