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my dni!!

  • -13 or +20 ^_^
  • extremely uncomfortable with use of reclaimed slurs (i dont have anything against you guys !!! this just probably isnt the best place for you)
  • if im on your dni! (just common sense)
  • transmed (eww)
  • terfs/transmisogynists
  • against neopronouns, xenogenders, microlabels
  • 'proship' or 'antiship' im just a normal person hi (explore what you want through fiction + everything can be handled well including dark topics, but dont glorify stuff like incest pedophilia etc)
  • hardcore dsmp stans
  • think its okay to be bigoted to people (incl. celebs and other relevant people) you dont like !!! weird as hell :3

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what is transmed?

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people who believe u can only be trans if u medically transition !!!

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oh i see !! yeah i used to think that (now i dont ofc) but it was a long time ago now (late 2019-early 2020) and at that time i was extremely new to the internet outside of miiverse and the stuff i watched on yt and i didnt even know what trans was at all

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