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Alien .. 🛸

This might sound a bit weird, but I actually saw an alien today. I will confess it was a pretty strange experience. I mean, he was not like anything I would have imagined. When I saw this alien I was not afraid simply a bit curious. I noticed that the alien did not say anything, just stood there motionless and without emotion. His presence just froze me in my tracks. I was waiting for this alien to make the first move, but he did not budge. I soon realized that this alien was a personification of me and a true life reflection of who I am, was and meant to be.

Funny how we go about living our lives without really recognizing who we truly are. We have come to learn to live detached from ourselves. Sort of alien like. I mean, if we just took a moment each day to see, what and who we are, we would better understand why we function so. 

So the answer to this complex mystery of self is that we truly are not by no reach of the imagination aliens, we are not from out of this world but of this world. Thus, we should behave so.

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Cranky Old Witch

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My son said to me once: "I really respect transgender people. Unlike a lot of us, they've figured out what's been wrong and are fixing that."

Dysmorphia, importer syndrome, Kafka's dung beetle ... so many ways people feel disconnected and have glimpses of who they really are.

Endless amounts of words have been written, as far back as the cuneiform in the clay tablets to the latest pop psychology to help us come to understand the notion of 'quest for self'.

What's more, it's not static. There're life stages. And all of the greatest stories to the wisdom imparted from your 90+ year old auntie can only mark signposts for you to follow on your own path.

It's an individual experience that we all take together.

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We can only hope that humanity will eventually evolve for the better. It’s a continuous struggle but it will get there. I see it in my nephew who has a loving partner and they have a loving happy relationship

On the topic of aliens, this is a true story, as a young boy for whatever reason, I use to question if my parents had a secret life that I was not aware of. Alien even. No clue why I thought that. All’s I can venture to say is that my life as a kid was full of fantasy. Probably because we moved around a lot and I mostly kept to myself. I figured, why try to make friends when we would be on the move again. Fortunately, life took a turn for the better and more stable when we finally settled in America

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In America after a stay on Betelgeuse followed by a move to Alpha Centauri? (sorry, couldn't resist)

I'd say most imaginative kids have a notion of secretly being adopted, or some family secret, and it's pretty 'normal' (whatever 'normal' means). But especially for someone who hadn't had the opportunity to put down many roots!

Well, you're here. "Home" is within yourself wherever you are. So you make it the best home you can

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My sister didn’t help much. She would tease me and say I was adopted.

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Older siblings. Ain't they just a treasure?

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.. 👍

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