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back on my emo stuff

I had to write a handful of like little things for my fucking one act play class so I wrote like six, gonna be just posting them all here lol. Feel free to diss me for anything about them btw;

    "Your name flutters away from my cracked lips, as blood flows through me more viciously than ever before. It slams through my veins a crimson stampede in your name. My soul flares with heat that overshadows the very sun in the presence of your grace, your beauty, your figure."

    "My flesh writhes as your hands grip mine, such a profound wanting pounds through my body. Chords of music yelling, screaming for you vehemently. I write this clutching my wayward heart as I mourn my inability to be there alongside you. My wanton desires for you ripping my clay apart and returning me to dust."

    "As I sit on the cruel cement and look up into the sky I see, rolling clouds endless and all so very different. I witness their beauty as they catch the light of the morning sun, of the dawn and I can't help but think of you, your beauty haunts me even during the most serene moments."

    "I burrow my face deep into you, and attempt to silence the churning rage. I pour this odd energy of seamless, endless rage into the flames that writhe in me as I think of you. This feeding slowly devours my fingertips, as the flame eats ever eager and ready for it's next meal. I could not do without being eaten by you."

    "I felt naught but myself. I only felt the solitary embrace of my own flesh as I wavered and stumbled through the endless dark. All I knew I was, and all that I could perceive was I. I was finite yet that which wasn't me was so great. Yet, I stumble onward now struggling and perceiving the soul staggering along so close to me."

    "My howling has shifted so violently it has made me sick. Rather than my mournful bellowing of the past, I scream now out of joy. My lungs fill with your name and scream out all the happiness you've wrought from my barren lands."

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