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✮ About me

★ about me ★

- my name is danika, but i go by dana or danny 

- im 15

- i draw for fun! and as a job sorta 

- my dream jobs are auto mechanic, welder, tattoo artist, nail tech, and hair stylist (can't choose😭)

- in terms of appearance, im 5'7-5'8, red hair (DYED, NOT A GINGER), brown eyes, and 4 piercings currently 

- im mixed

- my top 6 favourite bands are godsmack, sisters of mercy, alice in chains, slipknot, type o negative, and fleshwater 

- i love to read, and journal. i suck at math 

- i have one pet, a black cat

- i can understand two other languages (spanish and russian) but i have a hard time remembering when im actually speaking☠️ i also know some dutch 

- favourite shows are oitnb, shameless, girl from nowhere, and russian doll

- im interested in going into trades right after hs, but i also want to go to art school, and maybe even cosmetology school

Probs will add more later☠️

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