Dark lippies are better than lighter lipsticks

Dark lippies are better than light lippies. It gives more of a whorey, hoe, dark feminine type kindave look. I don't give a fuck if you have cool or warm skin. Dark lippies are just better yk? I totally get the light pink coral look, but it really doesn't look nice if you don't know when to add it into your makeup. Usually my makeup is shotkiss druggie look, so obviously dark lipstick will fit more. But if you go for more of a lighter makeup then it will suit better for pink lipstick. But in general, dark lippies are better, more pigment, more color. If you don't like a lot of the pigment,  then add a little bit of lipstick on your brush and dab it on your lips. It gives a cute natural lip.

♡ kisses, pantyfairy

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