how to burn a CD!

I'm mainly doing this so i don't forget lol but if you wanna use this that's rad

1. make a YouTube playlist of the songs you want to put on the cd

2. use a youtube-mp3 conversion website (i use dirpy) and download the mp3s of all the songs 

3. (this one is super important) you have to convert the mp3 files to wav or else they won't work 

4. open windows media player and plug in your cd burner thingy

5. put a blank cd, shiny side down, into the cd burner 

6. open the burn tab on the side bar and click on the little check mark box thing 

7. make sure it's set to audio cd and not data cd

8. drag your wav files to the burn list

9. click start burn

and then after a minute or two you should have your very own cd! yippee! 

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itz cool 2 see this type of thing :o
especially bcuz cd burning hasnt been all that popular since the early-mid 2000s

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