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          DNI if you think neo pronouns+genders are cringe and not cool!                        (im a person with autism and it just makes me comfortable!)        

neoGenders- vampbatgender, canibalvamp, bloodcovic, lovevampthing, bloodedic, gorture, lovegoric, huntix, gorrorslashxic, impalewound, bloodymuzzickillerpupgender, chaosthing, gorebeing, vampgender, sillyvampiereGender, pupgender, zombpupGender, littlepupic, puppyfunful, dogcupidGender

neoPronouns- vamp/paw/pup/nom/bite/claw/fluff/arf/pet/treat/wag

you dont need to use my neopronouns on me but it would be nice if you do! :3

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