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Anyone that fits categories like white supremacists, nazis, queerphobes, sexists, so on and so forth. Any bigot isn't welcomed here.
TERFS, SWERFS, Trusum/Transmeds
Anyone that's anti xenogender, anti neopronouns, or anti he/him lesbian / she/her gays.
Super Straights/Super Gays, etc

Anyone under the label of MAP, NOMAP, Loli or Shotacon. You're a predator plain and simple and I don't want you around me.

Zoophiles or anything akin to them
Proshippers/Comshippers. I don't care if you claim "it's for coping" get a better mechanism. As a trauma survivor I do not want to see that.
True Crime fetishists/romanticizers.

BF2D/BTD, South Park, and DSMP fans. I don't have an issue w/ a lot of you guys, I just don't like the source material and/or 99% of the people involved with it. 


I have the habit of using caps a lot in personal messages cause it's just more comfortable for me and I get excited.

 All of my speech issues effect me vocally, but ones that effect my texting as well are my logorrhea & schizophasia. 
I often do use tone indicators but I don't really use /nm (can if needed) but I would prefer you don't use it to me.
I am very publicly affectionate with my partner!

I probably like some problematic media but I can criticize my own interests. I don't love anything that much to defend it blindly.
 If you're an adult I don't mind some nsfw jokes or even some topics, just don't make any sexual remarks or jokes about me. It just makes me feel gross.

 If you see me interacting with minors there's a 99% chance they're my family or close like family to me. So, minors can add me, but you should be interacting with kids your age instead.

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