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This platform needs some more moderators.

I have seen plenty of cases on this site over the months where the mods here would not ever be online and that would result in lots of spam accounts or other such rule-breaking things to pass until several days later. I feel like with the recent stuff though I have come to a point.

We need new moderators so the platform is more safe from horny people and advertisers!

Please please PLEASE Kudo this blog and share it around, we need the attention so that the moderators on here (and maybe even An himself) would see it and consider this change! There are people here who are more than enough qualified for this cough cough me, and I think with this change SpaceHey could prosper into something better.

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nah cuz real, i literally sent an email asking if i could volunteer for mod, they ignored my email

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hornyposters :(

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