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What do I do???????

Sooooo, my orchestra teacher gave us these practice sheets, and we have to fill them out when we practice and get it signed. But the problem is, I HAVEN'T PRACTICED ALL WEEK. The reason why is because I'veĀ  been staying up late the ENTIRE WEEK AND GOING STRAIGHT TO SLEEP WHEN I GET HOME FROM SCHOOL and haven't had ANY time to practice. You need to practice for at least 20 minutes a day and like 40 minutes for a week and if you don't, well, you know. And I haven't practiced at all this week except for today but I was barely even playing because I kept getting distracted. Should I lie and put random times and say that I practiced for that amount of time orrrrĀ  what? ( Also, you'll be fine if you don't practice everyday if you're busy or have sports things to do, BUT I WAS JUST SLEEPING! WHAT TYPE OF EXCUSE IS THAT?) PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!

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