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Happy Birthday To Me! (Sept. 24) :3

Yes, that's right.


\(=^ O ^=)/

I'm officially fourteen now, which is really cool. I might have something to do tomorrow, like go outside and everything but I'm not throwing any parties or whatnot... -_-U

Well, I went to the mall and bought new things and I ate a lot of junk-food for some particular reason but, I don't know... Either way, it's not completely Sunday yet so I don't know why I'm stressing a lot, lol.

The two unfortunate things for me are that I wish my birthday happened on a weekday so I can boast about it to my friends, and I HAVE A MAJOR BIOLOGY TEST ON MONDAY! ;-;
Either way, I mostly need to cram and finish on my study guide, along with my Khan Academy and I think I'll be fine. :(

But, let's see what happens tomorrow. :/ My dad apparently bought something beautiful for me but I don't need any gifts, haha. <:D

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May <3

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Happy Birthday!!! 🎈🎉

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