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Doja Cat Scarlet Album "reViEw"

Scarlet by Doja Cat 

I have this album on repeat. It truly feels so true to her. Planet Her is truly it's own thing, love Plant Her an she's a really great pop album, but Scarlet is truly Doja through an through with every song EVERY song being written by her. a 17 track list of just Rap. now I'm a Pop Girlie love me some pop music especially if I can dance to it, so when it comes to listening to rap if not in the mainstream I'm not going to search for it. Rap being like the #1 music genre so I hear a lot of it but to not be "ThAt gUy" rap just not what it use to be ( she says in LA Vocal fry) . Watching the VMA's tribute to Rap turning 50 it just seem like having a good beat wasn't the only thing you needed. Your lyricism, your flow, your VOICE! Autotune is nothing new but I think of it like a blank canvas it comes like that obvi, you can make that canvas better by painting on it OR you can just tape a banana on it and called it a day. anytway Doja Vocals really comes through and I feel if you wanting to start getting into Rap this album is really good but then again what do I really I know LOL 

I enjoy this album she is so artistic it so inspiring, I have no idea musically an have no clue how to even work garageband but just seeing first hand how music is made to hear an album that sound like this just had me in awe. Doja and the people she work with to make this album are genuine talented Jay Versace being one of them. 

Many praises many many many praises as a fan LOVE! If you haven't listen to it DO IT!   GO!   LISTEN TO!

Rate: 9.99/10

 okay very stupid rant lol only reason why its not 10 is I hate the cover 1st thing 1st I HATE HATE HATE spiders I HATE THEM my heart stops I freeze its giving very much deer in headlights. but it also just doesn't feel right with Hot Pink the cover was hot pink it felt Hot pink. Plant Her uggghhh I'm gonna cry just thinking about this cover, shot by the 1 the Only David LaChapelle it was just chef kiss where this falls flat. TO ME TO ME this my opinion. Technically all of this is my opinion, MY feelings please listen to this album and form your own.


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