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Fashion Inspo! (9.23.2023) ♡

Hiiii - ♡ 

My fashion has been taking a turn from modern gothic, dark and romantic goth to a more colorful and daring turn... ✰

I am so very fond of "horror protagonist" style clothing lately.. yet the style is quite similar to what I was already wearing, just with factors of white and cream added. I already have many articles of clothing to accessorize, like chokers, thigh highs, and black frilly skirts, yet there needs to be a change. I started playing Fatal Frame on the switch, and I immediately noticed the style of clothing throughout the game, and....I..I truly just want to be her, tbh. Also starting to have a liking for bows and hairclips... :3 16 year old me would be mad, lol.

I already have a black under-bust string lace-up dress that I am so ready to wear when class comes back next week. I also want to wear something like this below.


I am also channeling Y2K bling..... the fall season is coming, and yes, I want to dress like Paris Hilton in 2005... no one can stop me :p 

Except my bank account... I am spending a bit of cash crazily again... :p (please help)

My Juicy Daydreamer bag is on the way! I am so excited. And the black buckle uggs.... :)

I also went to the Renaissance Faire a few weeks back, and man, the way that I could go all out in romantic goth attire which was already hanging in my closet was grand. What a joy, I was debating on selling that giant dress if it wasn't going to be worn.. 

At the Faire, there was a BEAUTIFUL black underskirt that was full-length and black, it had many layers of lace, frills, and rose details.... and it was also $200! Oh! oh my..  Yeahhh I couldn't do that.. but I am sure I'll find something like that again later on. 

Thats all that is going on in my head fashion wise. Thanks <3 

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Jenny XD

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that's awesome :DDD

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Thank you so much for reading!! :.) thxx x

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