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september 24th, 2008

dear public

it's me. i know what you're thinking. why is the most popular, hottest girl in the whole school posting on this gay website?

i started this blog to show everyone that hot people have problems too, maybe even more than ugly people. like just the other day, i was already late to my yoga class at the plaza, and this fat old white lady started telling me how drop dead gorgeous i was. so fucking rude. i was obviously in a rush, and obviously i already know how hot i am so why even bother me? disgusting honestly. she was probably just jealous and knew that she was gonna make me too late to yoga, so that i would have to skip it and get FAT just like her. sabotage.

i want to show the world that us rich, hot, famous people are just like everyone. i have a house, and i eat food, and i breathe air. i'm just like you. it's just my house is bigger, and my food doesn't come from walmart.

anyways, i wanna go snort coke so i'm ending this loser sesh.


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Based Lychee

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are u the female version of Zyzz?

by Based Lychee; ; Report

omg thank u and yes <33

by olive; ; Report