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I'm sick of trying, and I did my best, I swear.


In 2021, I wrote a song called “Crazy Little Girl“ and now YOU CAN LISTEN TO IT!! Go to my YouTube channel and you can watch the lyric video, or! you can click here to download the song + the lyrics and some photos! ♡

[ "Crazy Little Girl" tells the story of a girl who couldn't learn the way others did. She was different. She was wild, carefree, creative and she knew she had so much potential yearning to be explored... so, she left that dorm with colourful walls behind, she took her dog with her and started her own adventure.

This song isn't about me. I can relate to this girl a little bit, like, I'm not a city girl, it doesn't matter if I look like one. But for some other things, I wish I were more like her.
I so desperately want to be ferocious and not give a damn about people around me, my surroundings, everything; stop worrying and start living.

That's what this song is about. And it's my favourite I've ever written. "You can be so wild and still be you", that's what I've learned. ]

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