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 Welcome to my page <3 

My name is Ace (but you can also call me dia!) I'm really excited to meet more people so feel free to message me on here or any of the links I have (I mostly use Instagram)

I go by they/them but I still like both fem and masc terms!

I'm an artist but I mostly post on instagram and a bit on tik tok.

I mostly post and talk about danmei, but i also talk about games im currently into or music. My main interests are SVSSS, TGFC, Omori, DDLC, Word of Honor, Saint Seiya, Cherry Crush, and other random interests. 

I adore mitski so I talk and post about her alot (#1 listener!!) but I also enjoy malice mizer, laufey, tv girl, marina, mecano, and others such as random vkei bands or spanish bands. I adore gothic style music (any kind) so if you have recs I'll be glad to hear!!



Don't be an asshole ^_^!! This is not a safe place for proshippers (get the fuck out pls!!!!) No one -13, racists, proshippers, anti lgbt, kaeluc shippers, think bi/pan lesbians are valid, exclude enby/masc lesbians

Note! dms okay (pls talk to me!!!), don't call me stupid for not understanding, bad at responding quick, multishipper, I type in caps sometimes


 Pls check out my carrd for a better intro!! Also pls check out my other links!! 

me starin at u

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