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Minecraft and the sense of discovery

Personally i see a underrated experience in minecraft i rediscovered while i was on a server with friends was that discovering something everytime you start a new world is a amazing feeling. Whether its going out 3000 blocks to find the perfect place to build a home or traveling across the nether it feels great to find something even if you dont build some fucking beyond the ability of anyone castle there no game has really made me feel that. Not to mention its even better with friend or even by yourself just to throw my personal experience in this post, one of my friends got mad at me for whatever bullshit and just listening to some music and taking in the situation helped me think it out without feeling the need to do anything rash. sometimes i feel like people don’t really just get time alone with their thoughts and games like minecraft really let me think about the future past and present without getting muddled in the sea of all the other bullshit.

just wanted to write my feelings down in a post n shit

alla this prob stupid but my friend is still mad at me and hes the person i usually tell stuff like this haha

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Ayyy I had a similar experience about years or 3 years ago I got into a Minecraft roleplay server (kinda like Dream SMP inspired sever ) and I would travel thousands of blocks just to find snow biome cause I like Technoblade sm I usually listen to songs and spend days travel in Minecraft and constantly died until everyone in the server remember my username XD yeah It's gonna be one of my precious memory forever since the server is closed and my friend goes on separate ways (my PC is also ded X-x) glad to know there is someone out there felt the same!

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