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A Short & Sweet Intro Blog!

Heyo everyone!!

The names Pachi, pleasure to meetcha! ♪

 If it wasn't obvious already by how the blog's lookin', I'm a huge fan of Touhou Project!! I'm also in a bunch of other fandoms like Len'en Project, Splatoon, OMORI, Sonic, Klonoa, and a ton more you can find listed on my profile! ☆

I love all kinds of games, though my main favorite genres lean into RPGs, Shmups/Bullet Hells, Rhythm, Psychological Horror, Cooking/Baking, and Simulation games! My favorite character of all time is Marisa Kirisame, and my favorite genre of music is Jazz!

I love to sing and I like to come up with OCs at times when I get in the groove to or come up with an idea on the fly! I have. way too many. Though I might share some here at times in the future! I also like to bake and mess around with color palettes at times!

I'm looking for more friends on here who share interests in any of the fandoms I'm in (such as Revue Starlight, PMMM, MGRP, etc.), so don't be shy and feel free to send a friend request! :D
Hope we can get along, and see ya around! ☆

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