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Concerts ive been to


I saw MCR pretty shortly after I started really getting into them so honestly i reeeally want to see them again now that ive gone full crazyToT they were so good even though i don't like the venue it was in. Gerards speaking voice really surprised me i almost didnt realize he was talking lol!! Sadly i didnt really get any good pictures :(

New Order + Pet Shop Boys

This was at the same venue that i saw MCR at. I saw them with my mom and her friends lol but there was a bunch of empty space where we were so i was able to get out of their way. Both groups were sooo good + I had a lot of fun!! The Pet Shop Boys had cute masks ^-^ 

Fall Out Boy

I got the presale notif in the middle of my art class and had to call my mom to get me and a friend tickets XD. Thankfully they played at the much better venue in my city. I managed to see BMTHs set too bc my friend wanted to see them but he ended up being late and missing most of it </3 there was a mix up with our seats but the person who was in our seats was actually totally nice. This one was so awesome ToT its really great to be able to see a band with other people who are really enthusiastic about them i had an awesome time it was SO good (travie mccoy showed up??!?!?)

Skinny Puppy

Skinny Puppy was one of my bucket list shows to go see and this was on their supposedly last tour (which makes sense because nivek ogre turned 60 not that long ago). The costumes and sets were super cool even though they were a little silly, i definitely recommend checking out old videos of them live. I saw a cool emo girl at this show. Afterwards the train i needed to get home wasnt running and i got stuck in the area until 2 am (the show ended at 11)


This was one of my favorite shows ive seen ever!!! They were playing their first album front to back, its not even my favorite of their albums but it was SO fun and translated to being live so well. The venues layout was great so even though i got there after the opener i was still able to be suuuper close. I felt like i was able to really embrace the idea of “having my own fun” and just going crazy no matter what the people around me were doing. I saw the emo girl from the skinny puppy show again and we exchanged instagrams lol 

LS Dunes

This was the first show i was ever really close and in the really active area of the crowd and it was intense >_< i had a really good time (even though I lost a button i had made) people were crowd surfing and i was tempted to but i never did, i was in the pit a bit though. By the end i was totally soaked in my and other peoples sweat, and i got tuckers drumstick!!

Senses Fail

Same venue as LS Dunes, and again i was super close and the crowd was super active. When ur in a crowd like that it sort of feels like ur in an ocean current or tide or something, i really like it. This was another album front 2 back show and admittedly i hadnt listened to that album til the day before X| I was in the pit a lot for this show, and i actually DID crowd surf right at the end of bite to break skin!!! I had wished they would play the irony of dying on your birthday bc thats my favorite and they didnt but thats fine i still had a good time. I talked to some people afterwards and that was cool + i got a bunch of compliments on my hair.


Sisters of Mercy

I missed almost the entire show, i was only able to see the encore </3 but honestly without patricia morrison they just werent as good.


This (and all the ones i’ll talk about after this) happened a long time ago, my mom took me to see them and we like had to take a bus to get there but it was a really nice and small venue. I love phoenix especially the album they were touring on when i saw them, the lead guy when he was running through the crowd at 1 point in the show, tripped and stumbled over onto me which was pretty cool O_o

Troye Sivan

Idek how old i was when i saw him it must have been in middle school but i and a friend of mine were really into him at the time and we had super close seats so that was pretty cool :)

Other stuff ive seen when i was like 14 or younger

  • P!ATD

  • Twenty one pilots >_< kind of embarrassed of that one tbh lolll

  • Lizzo

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omg i'm seeing finch next month

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love them!!!

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they're awesome!!

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