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TRCM-CD5 IS OUT NOW!!!! + updates

Hey everyone. After months of being delayed, I've finally released TRCM-CD5. 

Theoretically recovered corrupt memories - The Protagonist (Memory 49 - Memory 60) 

And now, for the updates.

So what's next? I will probably get to work on CD6, because I'm on a creative burnout again.

I made so many albums that I just don't have the creativity, skill, and motivation to keep going. That's why I'll take a break, and continue as The Protagonist and finish TRCM while I'm gone.

Okay... Anything else? Yeah. 

DFTLC05 is in the works, but it's not going anywhere yet because I did not come up with a creative story. This will be like Love Beyond Our Reality all over again, I can't make a masterpiece in just a week. So you have to keep waiting for that.

SNC-05 (sometimes, i wish i never existed) is still in the works... but it's waiting. I haven't made any new tracks. The same applies here, this album will take an even longer time to make because I have to actually make original music, and noise music alongside it too.

That's all I have to say, there is literally nothing else I could say. Just wait for CD6, it will be my next release.

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