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idk what to do

full disclosure i've been friends with this guy that i know has feelings for me for about 6 months, i've been clear with him i don't feel the same way & he keeps saying that's okay with just being friends with me.. like i get along with him & everything so i value him as a friend but recently he did something CRAZYYY

so this mf spent the last couple months BUILDING ME A HIGH END PC ?!?!!??!!!! 

i only know because my friend showed me a picture of it knowing i would think that was insane (v thankful for him lol) & obviously that's really cool but like i've known him for like 6 months & he's spent most of those putting probably over $2k into a computer for me

this is like insane right??? do i even accept it??

idk xd

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Chad Mac

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I don't think its a good idea to accept it, he'll probably expect something in return like some sort of entitlement for making such an effort.

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see that's my exact anxiety about it!! he's brought up a lot that he knows my mom used to do that & says he went through the same thing so i wanna give him the benefit of the doubt but likeeee.... better judgement makes me not want to accept it D:

by ♡︎︎~lilith~✧˖°; ; Report

For me I try to follow the rule of "if you didn't ask for something don't accept it"
Some folk try way too hard to be "kind" and its just suffocating in an odd way?
I don't know how to describe it
But hope everything works out in the end

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