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- i rarely use tone tags unless asked, so if u need them pls tell me or make it clear on ur profile!!

- i speak in all caps often (esp in dms) and love using emojis, i talk rather chaotically and misspell words often esp if im really into the convo so if u have difficulty reading what i say tell me :3c

- i use "dude" "bro" and "dawg" as gender-neutral terms, again if this makes u uncomfy be sure 2 tell me!!

- i say ily freely and am a really affectionate person !!!!! i like making it clear to people that i care abt them and that i love them !!!! 

- i make "kys" and "kms" jokes. i dont say those kind of jokes unless im close wit the person but putting it here just in case >.<

- i have anxiety so i may take some time to reply !! sometimes i forget bc i take too long so if i dont respond its not bc i hate u or dislike u !!!

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