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Indie games I've played through this year

Probably wont have anyone to share this to so I'll just drop it here as a blog. I just have been playing bunch of indies this year to fill my boredom, curiosity n forget my weird state of mind. 

So these are the games that I recently played this year:

24 killers - a silly exploration game where you help an island's inhabitants with their tasks so you can progress through the map n story, it had all these different abilities you unlock throughout the game by shapeshifting into those inhabitants. The mixed media visuals and the soundtrack is what it makes it very unique and interesting, with the small exception that there are some inspirations from Moon: Remix RPG Adventure (there's some mechanics that are similar to that game too!) . The backgrounds reminding me the times of playing the gaia online's rpg z0mg with the 2D sprites using 3D renders. Characters are charming and wholesome, they each look different in style weather it's 3d, 2d or a photobash. I really loved this game's world, soundtrack and it's characters, they really hit HOME (HAHA fun fact the main character is named Home). My fav soundtracks from this game: Blood Moon , Choral , Letter tune , Walk about . Please do try this game, it's very wholesome n chill !

Home next to his home lmao

Decarnation - this is a sureal horror adventure game with puzzles time to time. It's about a cabaret dancer Gloria that get's kidnaped by some creep and she's kept in a basement, she has to fight her own inner demons in her dream world n eventually escape smh. The game's pixel art is quite amazing though. 

The end game club looks really cool!

Meg's monster - a little rpg adventure game where you play as a grumpy ghoul that has to help a lost little girl get back to her mom. Mostly story focused game with some emotional momments. The characters r pretty cool n funny at times. Ayo it's another game where you will hear Laura Shigihara (the one who made the soundtrack n song for Plants vs Zombies, To the moon song "Everythings alright" and the Deltarune "Don't forget") sing a song for a game!

Furquest - a silly furry game, one of those quirky earthbound inspired RPGs with so many minigame battles! This one is quite funny, there's some parts where it goes spooky. I've only got the 1st ending of this game, I haven't seen the 2nd ending which makes me want to replay again. The characters r quite the goobers ngl, I love them!

Pet the boi

Sea Of Stars - a JRPG game by the devs of "The Messenger" (I played that game for a bit, but I wasn't a fan of it that much) a bit similar to the oldschool final fantasy games and chrono trigger. There are 6 characters you can have in a party 3 of which you unlock throughout the story. In battles you play with 3 characters, you can switch them on a alive party member that has a available turn. Switching doesn't cost a turn. The combat in this game is pretty fun, there are special attacks and normal attacks that you can time a button click for bonus attack n damage, plus there is a lock system for when you have to do elemental damage based on the displayed locks before the turns run out for the displayed locks and the enemy does a special attack. If you do all the locks the enemy's turn gets interrupted and it wont attack. On top of this whole combat the enemies can have weaknesses to certain damage/elemental types. There are two endings in the game, for the true ending you'll have to grind through certain things like finding 60 conches, finding all the quiz questions finishing an arena battle, playing through all of the wheels minigames. I loved the wheels minigames, they are fun and you get to listen to Captain Klee'shaë's crew play the tavern music with the music sheets you find throughout the game. The only thing I hated was the quizes, I'm not a fan of that minigame n it's like really tedious to finish the whole thing. The pixel art and art in this game is stunning, just masterfully made! There's some 2D animations that are like little cinematics, there was also a super cool animation that went 3d for a momment in one areas where you transition to one world to another that you only see once in the game. The game's main bad guy kind of reminds me a bit of the Pulsating Mass from Jimmy and the Pulsating Mass, there's even some spooky areas in the game.  There are some references in this game like the shovel knight attack from one of the bosses, also one of the maps has trees singing animation to the soundtrack kind of similar to the Deltarune's queen castle. The soundtrack is pretty good, some have day and night versions, I was also amazed there was a sad and cheery version of one of the city areas after doing a certain thing in the story. There are occasional bangers so here's some notable soundtracks I loved:  Town of Mirth (kinda reminds me of Eastward) ,  The Frozen Peak, Detritu's Born ( a bit Deltarune vibes ) , Stars Align on the Assembly Line (when the soundtrack goes hotline miami mode) , Sky base (my fav soundtrack from the game, this one goes hard! )
APART FROM THE bangers here's some noteworthy soundtrack - Temple Beneath the Tides (this soundtrack just drives me insane because the melody and certain parts remind me of THE Ratboy Genius Theme Song I FUCKING CAN'T, I EVEN START SINGING THE RATBOI GENIUS WHEN I HEAR THIS)  . I heard there is a dlc coming for Sea Of Stars, so I guess something to wait for heh.

Say hi to Y'eet , he'll yeet you for fast travel.


Mother encore - This game is a fanmade remake of the first mother game in style of the mother 2/3 games with it's own quirks n mechanics as well and hooo boy this is hands down amazing! The sprites n sprite animations have a lot of character and certain details, I love how the battle transitions when the character jumps from ui into battle. THE SOUNDTRACK IN THIS GAME BROOO I FUCKING LOVE IT! Here's some cool soundtracks: Hotel aka “Overpriced Luxury” (YESSS a hotel rendition of "Bein' Friends" song!!) , Battle Against a Rising Star (THIS GOES HAARD!!) , All That I Needed (Was You) ( hands down any mother song rendition just makes me so happy ! ) . I can't wait for the devs to continue on this amazing project!

Hymn to the earless god - I was very hyped ever since Kasey in the mother forever interview talked about announcing this game eventually. I loved Kasey's first most under rated RPGmaker game Jimmy and the Pulsating Mass that had the disturbing n spooky in the cutesy n inoscent theme going. For this game he has a whole team helping out with the game development this time instead of going solo. OK let's get back to the main part. This game is a rpg (this time made in game maker) taking place in a brutal alien planet. I tried out the demo and there are 2 characters you can play as of now, both so far have a interesting story going. In the full game there'll be 4 characters with their own story and there'll be over 35 mercinaries. The combat feels great and chalenging, there's some unique mechanics going on like consuming your enemy to regain health and characters having their own quirks. The sprite pixel art is just awesome! There's lots of animations going in here. The soundtrack even though it aint the best out there, it shines in it's uniqueness and it's horror theming, I love hearing new soundtracks from Kasey. I'm not sure how they'll get their kickstarter goal :/ , they did get half of the goal though. Even if they wont reach the goal, hopefully they'll find a way to make the game ...


There are more games in my wishlist coming up this year most likely, so it'll be interesting to try them out on release.

Besides that - not an indie game, but I'll just mention that I finished Mother 3 on a emulator on android lmao

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