♡ Introduction To Me + My Collections <3 ♡

Hiii - ♡

I am so excited! So lately I have been wanting to relive and finally experience the beauty and chaos of Y2K bling and lifestyle. 

I am collecting Juicy Couture, Ed Hardy, and miscellaneous bling items from this iconic time. 

I gave in and I bought a Juicy Couture vintage daydreamer bag... <3 all black, too. I am hoping it comes in by this upcoming week so I get to show you all!

I am not too much of a color girl, but I appreciate it. I'm growing to like hot pink, and I have always loved neon green. But outfit wise, black is the way to go. 

I am also an oddity collector, I love collecting taxidermy bugs, butterflies, bones, and dried flowers. I have a cow skull, raccoon, coyote, fox, etc. and they are my babies. <3

My next trinket for my collection will hopefully be a spider. But I am running out of wall space to hang these guys up...

So... my interests of collective items are very drastically different. Walk into my room, and youll see a wall full of aesthetically framed bugs and a Juicy Couture body pillow and bedding set... lol cx 

If it weren't so expensive, I would also like to collect Vivienne Westwood jewelry and accessories. I only have 2 necklaces from her right now, both quite small, but they're real! My next item to hopefully get is the star planet pendant. I hope it restocks.... oh! and the black Betty Bag!

One day... :,) 

Anyways, i have to get going. here is a photo of a little corner of my space. (my bird Ash is very much alive and real... he is just posing on my lamp!)

Toodles <3 

- Alina 𓆩♱𓆪 

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